An Unforgettable Season: 2016/2017

Saying that we had a great season is putting it lightly.  Each month surprised us more than the last, delivering a more-than-average season total of 411" at Summit and 422" at Jupiter.  If you like pow as much as you love gorgeous sunny days, you're in the right place.  Let's reflect on the 2016-2017 winter season, shall we?


November 2016 - 24"

I gotta hand it to Mother Nature.  As everyone was stressing over our unseasonably warm November, she was planning much bigger and better things for us.  Only a day after opening on Thanksgiving day, it dumped 24" before the month ended.



December 2016 - 71"

December set the pace for the rest of the season.  It snowed more than half of all of the days in December, with three days reaching a foot or more.  Mother Nature put the coveted "white Christmas" to shame when she delivered 19" over the holiday.

161211 - Silverlode Pow Day-29.jpg

161224_abraden_IMG_0575_5037 x 3068.jpg

161225 - Jupiter Christmas w Rodrigo-8.jpg

January 2017 - 146"

Oh, January.  Ohhh, January.  OHHHHHHHHH, January.  It was everything we could want and more.  Over 12 feet of snow in one month.  How did we handle it?  Some of us laughed, some of us cried, some of us screamed at the top of our lungs, but one thing is for sure:  we were ALL on the mountain.  6 days in the double digits, 5 more days all above 6", and 2 different weeks of snowing for a week straight.  We didn't see the sun, but we didn't need it.  It was like living in Willy Wonka's chocolate factory...except with snow.

170111 - Jupiter Access W Devin-2.jpg


February 2017 - 116"

February was absolutely gorgeous, highlighted by sunny weather and even more snow.  The month finished out with snowing for 12 days straight into March resulting in a 78" storm cycle.  What a time to be alive!

170223 - Ninety-Nine 90 W Jackson & Jen 04.jpg


March 2017 - 42"

Spring showed face as soon as the month began.  The changing of seasons brought a few sleeper powder days, the beginning of Spring Grüv, and awesome spring conditions.  March was also the month of après with free daily concerts at each resort base during Spring Grüv and weather too good to pass up a drink at the end of the day.



April 2017 - 12"

Even though we all know the season is coming to close, we find a way to celebrate through Spring Gruv with concerts, apres, and annual on-mountain events galore!  My personal favorite is tomorrow (the 21st Annual Pond Skimming Competition) with the following day being Closing Day and Easter.  So, what can I say?  It's been real.  It's been fun.  It's been real fun.  Thanks for all the good times and unforgettable days on the mountain!  Until next year...