Riding the Conveyor Lift with Your Beginner Skier or Snowboarder

Depending on your child’s age and previous skiing or riding experience, it might be easiest to start out on what is commonly referred to as the “magic carpet”.  This conveyor type surface lift looks similar to the people-movers at airports.  It is made for beginner skiers or snowboarders that are comfortable sliding around on flat snow in their equipment and are ready for a gentle slope.

Rushing to a chairlift for a steeper hill while your little one isn’t comfortable enough making full and complete stops on their own could be dangerous and difficult to manage.  Spending time on the magic carpet at first will provide a ride to the top of an easier slope while learning speed management and better mobility.  That means no walking up and down the hill a million times while they practice!


Park City Mountain has 3 total conveyor lifts available for public use:  2 at the Park City Base Area near the First Time chairlift and 1 at Canyons Village near the top of the Red Pine Gondola called “Sweet Pea”.

Conveyor lifts are easy to board and even simpler to get off.  As you both approach the conveyor, take a minute to notice your surroundings. 

Step 1:  When it’s your turn, start by looking ahead and wait until a three to four foot gap is between your rider and the person in front of them.  Spacing on the conveyor is important because not only can too much weight on the conveyor at one time cause it to move slower or even stop, but you’ll also be surrounded by other beginner skiers that may fall down or move clumsily in their equipment.  Keep your child and others safe by leaving lots of space between them!

Step 2:  Help guide your child so their ski tips or front of their snowboard is pointing directly at the entrance of the conveyor.  Be sure their skis are parallel and not in a wedge shape.  If they’re using an edgie-wedgie, remove it before loading the conveyor so your child can move freely when they exit at the top.


Step 3:  Gradually help your child shuffle their feet forward until the floor grips the bottom of their skis.  Put your hand on your child’s upper back or shoulders to help keep their weight forward as the conveyor will cause them to lean back as it takes off.  If wearing your own equipment, you may board behind them (while still making sure to leave space in between).  If not, you may walk up the hill next to the conveyor as they ride.


Step 4:  Now the fun part!  While riding the conveyor, encourage your child to keep their feet still.  Do not worry if they fall down, the operator at the top or bottom will stop the lift and help them stand back up.


Step 5:  When exiting the lift, let the skis do the work.  As the conveyor reaches the top, their skis will slide off onto the snow.  From there, encourage your child to shuffle their feet away from the conveyor.  Remember, there will be other guests behind them and it is important to move out of the way.


Skiing or snowboarding with your little shredder will give you both memories that last a lifetime.  For more tips on the snow, reserve lesson at Park City Mountain’s Ski & Snowboard School.  Our instructors provide private and group lessons that cater to the age and ability of every child.  From practicing on the conveyors to skiing their very first run, our Ski & Snowboard School team is dedicated to making sure your child has a fun and safe experience of a lifetime!