Ski Day with Bae: A Survival Guide

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You love her, but you also love skiing.  So, you’ll just teach your girlfriend how to ski so that you can love both at the same time!  What a great idea!

Some would stop you right here and say, “Wrong.  Very wrong.”

That’s not true!  If there’s a will, there’s a way, but also a way to teach.

Don’t fall trap to the Divorce Slope (n):  what happens when a significant other tries to teach their partner how to ski or snowboard with the expectation that their teaching skills are going to sink in and snap into life the second their partner straps on their skis or snowboard, often resulting in silent-treatment lift rides and on-mountain meltdowns.

1.)    Patience is a Virtue

First of all, be honest with yourself.  Teaching your SO to ski or snowboard is a commitment.  Do you have the patience to coast down on some easy green runs while they learn to pizza?  If the answer is yes, that’s great!  Do you have the patience to do that for a few days or only an hour?

Admitting you don’t have the patience could be a blessing disguise and the only thing saving your relationship.  Buy her a lesson instead!  Park City offers a 3-Day Ski Camp for Womenwomen's only group (Select Dates Only),and private lessons.


2.)    Baby Steps

This lesson is not about you.  Rubbing it in your SO’s face that you already know how to ski and you would be skiing much bigger and better things if you weren't stuck teaching them how to snowplow is not the goal.  Phrases like, “Just do what I’m doing,” or “PIZZA!” generally do not work.

Therefore, when you send your SO down something they’re obviously not prepared for, I can’t promise that you’ll be on speaking terms by the time they sideslip the entire way down to the lift.

3.)    Bribes

They work.  People do crazier things than ski down their first black run for a mimosa.  I also highly recommend the French Fries (specifically the ones at Cloud Dine), beer, and foot massages.  If you're heading out on Valentine's Day, stop by Lookout Cabin for a special 3 course lunch including espresso rubbed bison carpaccio- huckleberry, crispy Brussel sprouts (course 1) vanilla and butter poached lobster- parmesan risotto, asparagus, sherry gastrique (course 2) and red velvet cake- raspberry, white chocolate, hazelnut (course 3). Lookout Cabin does have a full-bar and is known for a unique on-mountain fine dining experience.



4.)    Wait Up

If you have a “No Friends on a Powder Day” bumper sticker and are notorious for ditching anybody that stands in the way of you and face shots, maybe wait until the sun comes back out to agree to teaching your boyfriend or girlfriend how to ski.

Be there to talk them through things that make them nervous.  Shaking all the way up their first ride on Jupiter is usually cured by sticking together and helping them face their fears.

5.)    Be Positive

Note that talking down to your SO is not the same as being positive.  For example, “Little kids ski down this all of the time!,” is different from, “I know you can do this!”

You might be bored and they might not get the hang of it for a few days, but staying positive is a sure way to brighten the day.  The benefits of having a partner that can keep up with you on the hill are exponential.  Someone that looks cute in a onesie, slays powder days with you, and kisses you on the chairlift is a good person to have.  Giving positive encouragement is the least you can do.

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