Ladies Club: Indulge your inner "Wildwoman"

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I’m not a Billy goat!” shouted Susie with her group of new ski friends and her instructor Georgia when they all looked over the edge of a cornice. They all laughed and shouted encouragement. It was a great moment when Susie, who no one could any longer mistake for a Billy goat, decided she could ski that little bowl and dropped over the cornice. I think I have since heard almost all of the women who were in that group shout the “not a Billy goat” line at some crux moment since then. It became an old joke within that group to express a bit of outrage and then shrug it. It is part of the special dynamic that happens when a group of women come together for a lesson.

In our continued effort to create a safe, positive and non-intimidating group for women to learn new skills, the Ladies Club was formed. Led by Park City Mountain Resort's own female pro instructors, this group will teach you more than just a few tricks to improve your skills. The Ladies Club is a two hour, ski only lesson, grouped by ability. The group dynamic instills confidence, friendship and the instructor just might reveal a few tips to have you navigating the mountain like a local.

Dottie Beck who is a legendary Park City Mountain Resort instructor says, “A group of women can often relate to each other’s experiences and create an amazingly supportive atmosphere.” She explained to me that women will often avoid certain parts of skiing like skiing the moguls under the lift out of self-consciousness. But in one of Dottie’s all-women groups, they seek it out. Dottie often finds that, with a little encouragement, the inner “Wildwoman” emerges!

If you want to indulge your inner "Wildwoman" you can join the Ladies Club this Spring. Ladies Club is offered Saturday - Tuesday from March 10, 2012 to April 3, 2012. Reservations recommended, but not always required. *No beginner skiers please.