Ski School: Instructors Share their Favorite Memories

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Photo by Clifford Potter Courtesy of SharpShooter Imaging

As the season comes to a close, I asked a few of my fellow instructors to tell me about the highlight of their season.

Of course, it is only fair that I start. I had many great moments meeting people from all over the country and the world, skiing with lots of people who love Park City, and witnessing skiers explore and discover a sport I love. However, my favorite moment of the season so far has to have been today- skiing with my son, Oscar. The corn cycle was perfect this morning and we went up for a few laps on Bonanza. He has improved so much this season and his smile while he follows me down Homerun seems like it could barely fit under his helmet. He described his first lap through Blaster as a "little bit bumpy”. It was still half frozen. When we were almost at the top of Bonanza, he said, “We can go one more time before we take a break.”

We had our snack at the Summit House and headed down. The second run through Blaster was much better. When we passed the old trees on the Drift Road, he very specifically reminded me that they are my favorite trees. Just a little downhill from Blanche, we were headed for the parking lot and he stopped and asked, “Daddy, can we have a rest on the side of the run?” And then I have to remember he is not yet 4, and it really is a long way.

Gunars Berzins - "I had a level one group and I taught them how to clap hands by clicking their poles. What made me feel best inside the whole year was that at the end of the lesson I asked them if they had any questions, and they all started clapping with their poles."

Martin Drayton - "It was a mother with tears in her eyes, thanking me for giving her daughter a love of snowboarding. The doctors had told her that if she didn't get out and do something active she might not see her 20th birthday. This girl is still snowboarding and still loving it!"

Erin Deleeuw - "My favorite moment this year was every time it was a powder day. I really enjoyed my Saturday Learn to Race kids. They were a bit of a challenge but ended up being really fun and my favorite part of the year. They loved powder days too!"

Ray Stone - "My favorite moment was when I finally got video recording of my backflip. It wasn’t the prettiest one, but it is recorded and has been proven."

Jimmy Jackson - "At the top of Scott’s Bowl with a 5 year old who is a level 7, we stood looking at the run we were going to ski and we had a little chat about life. Then we put the skis on and I watched this little 5 year old go off the cornice and land it. I was so proud."

Jose Maghiar – "Sunday, March 13 when we had a foot and half of powder, my client got rockered powder skis for the first time and we went and skied a chute. It was his first time in this chute and he couldn’t believe he could do it. It was magnificent."

Rob Newey - "In February, a student of mine, an adult, started laughing and giggling like a little kid because it was fun!"

Bill "Frenchy" Loizeux - "I had a very nice couple from Argentina. The lady, who happened to be very pretty, had spent two years in the Israeli army. She appeared very sweet but she was tough as nails and they were beginners but boy did we get them going. It was just a fun day."

Leslie Moss - "I was with a 77 year woman and we were coming down the mountain after skiing. We were doing the high road down above Bonanza and I am taking it easy because, well, she is 77. I look over my shoulder and she has the little chicken wing arms, she’s in a tuck going for it! That was the highlight of my season."

Thanks everyone for sharing. As it happens, there are still a few more days in our season and I am looking forward to skiing with Oscar at least one more time…