We Mow the Runs? We Mow the Runs.

If you've been hiking or biking around this resort this summer, you have probably seen or heard our vehicle known simply as “The Mower," which is actually a 1969 CAT D6 bulldozer with a pull behind mower attachment. This is used to mow the grass, bushes and shrubs on most of Park City Mountain Resort's trails during the summer and fall. Yes, most all the runs you ski and ride here during the winter have been regularly *mowed* by me throughout the summer.


In the winter I am Park City Mountain Resort's grooming manager, supervising a team that makes sure as many as 50 runs each night are well-manicured and in tip-top shape for our guests.  During the summer and fall seasons I'm still grooming - mowing most of the resort's trails, usually with the bulldozer/mower combination pictured above. The mowing is a slow, dusty, bumpy and very noisy process, but an important one. All this is done for much more than just cosmetic reasons: mowing the trails helps to keep the grass low and the bushes and shrubs to a minimum, helping to prevent anything from sticking up through the snow and grabbing your skis or snowboard in the winter. Also, leaving less material for the snow to cover means less snow needed in order for our runs to be ready to open. 


If you have seen me out there, or have operated a bulldozer, you know how slow they move and how loud they are. I wear double ear protection which consists of ear buds to listen to music with headphones over top. Listening to music and taking in the views around the resort tend to make the days go by quickly and takes my mind off the mowing.


I have already done a good amount this year but still have a few weeks down on the lower runs of the resort. If you see or hear me out there, feel free to give a wave and check out the process (from a distance)!