What I Did This Summer

In my last blog post I talked about the video I made to win the Pisten Bully Video Contest. This winning video earned me an all-inclusive trip to Europe to see the Pisten Bully factory, run some snowcats up on a glacier, and do some sightseeing. Here is a brief write up of the trip and some pictures to go along with it.

So after 24+ hours of traveling from Salt Lake City to Washington DC to Zurich to St. Moritz, I made my way to the hotel at the base of Corvatch Ski Resort, in the Swiss Alps. Myself, another winner, and our guide from Pisten Bully stayed here for three nights and attended a terrain park camp up on the glacier. The camp involved showing off some new snowcats and technology as well as sharing stories and tips.


Me in front of the Pisten Bully 600E+. Diesel/Electric Snowcat.


Lunch Spot 

After enjoying ourselves up on the glacier for a few days we headed off to the Pisten Bully Factory which was just outside of Ulm, Germany. We stayed at a beautiful riverside hotel in Ulm for two nights and did some sightseeing around the city which included climbing the world’s tallest church and eating some amazing local food. We also saw some pretty incredible castles along the way.


The next stop was the Pisten Bully factory. Every Pisten Bully starts here. They make and assemble almost every part of the snowcat here at this factory. I don’t think Pisten Bully would want pictures of the factory shared but let me just say the facility was a top notch place and also extremely clean.

My final leg of the trip was in Munich which is where I was to fly out of. We did a quick tour of Olympic stadium and the BMW factory. Unfortunately all the BMW rental cars were rented for the day. We finished off the trip with dinner and beers at the famous Hofbrauhaus beer hall!

Overall it was an amazing trip. It was great of Pisten Bully to hold this competition and I very much enjoyed my winning trip!

Left to Right: Wolfgang (head of the camp), Dan (other winner), Myself, and Paul (our guide from Pisten Bully)


Group Photo of all the campers at the top of the mountain